Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a monthly budgeting plan. For a fixed monthly fee, you will be covered for all of your routine treatment with White Rose Dental Studio (including all check-ups, x-rays and hygienist work) as well as more major work such as crowns and fillings. With Denplan the emphasis is on prevention rather than cure and, when you decide to join, your dentist at White Rose Dental Studio will ensure that you receive the preventative care necessary to ensure your oral health is maintained.



You may find that with Denplan, the need for major remedial treatment will be drastically reduced, since your dentist will be acting to stop problems before they start. You will also be able to take advantage, of Denplan's accident and emergency insurance, which provides you with cover in a dental accident or emergency worldwide, mouth cancer cover and access to a 24 hour emergency helpline. Should you wish to join Denplan, please contact us to arrange an initial check-up, when we will carry out a simple assessment to determine how much you will pay. Once you and your dentist are both happy, you can sign the Care Agreement and commence your preventative care programme with Denplan.