Children Dentistary

At White Rose Dental Studio we recommend that parents should take their child to their first dental visit close to their first birthday. It is vital for an infant to be familiar with the environment in a bid to relax them during what can often be a daunting experience. Building up a sense of trust with a dentist is vital to eliminate any worries or fears that youngsters may have and feel they cannot talk about their issues with a stranger. A child should ideally see a dentist for a routine check-up once every 6-12 months as regular dental visits are very important in running an effective preventative programme. Parents aiming to teach their children about the importance of an effective oral health routine could benefit from a range of treatments and preventative measures offered at White Rose Dental Studio. The following advice may help guardians prevent the onset of tooth decay, as well as familiarise youngsters with the feel of the dental practice in a bid to eradicate any dental phobias, fears or concerns in later life. Ensuring baby teeth remain looked after and healthy is vital for a child to eat and maintain good nutrition. In addition, healthy and correctly aligned teeth allow clear pronunciation and speech habits, as well as guide the growth of permanent adult teeth in later life.

When will my child start teething?
A child’s baby teeth begin to develop before they are born, with the first signs of teething occurring as early as four months of age. The lower front two teeth are usually the first to develop, followed by the upper front teeth.. Infants generally have all of their baby teeth by the time they reach three years old, although the placing and order of teething tends to differ across children. Although this figure can vary from child to child, a baby’s first tooth usually erupts between six and twelve months – which can mean children experience pain and discomfort for a long period of time. If this is the case, we recommend rubbing the gum with a clean finger, the back of a cold spoon or a cold, wet cloth to provide relief and soothing to often painful issues. Parents should avoid the use of teething biscuits to ease the pain of erupting teeth due to a high sugar content, which could cause oral health issues at an early age.

Preventing tooth decay There are a number of different actions a parent can take in order to limit the risk of tooth decay among their children. At White Rose Dental Studio we advise parents to avoid the consumption of milk when falling asleep. Babies who require the use of a bottle for comfort before bed time should be given a dummy or water as a protective alternative. Encouraging children to eat healthy foods is vital in the prevention of emerging problems with teeth and gums. At White Rose Dental Studio we recommend the consumption of a wide variety of foods in a bid to ensure the teeth, bones and soft tissue in the mouth remain in a good condition. Eating a varied and interesting diet consisting of items from all food groups could promote oral health among young people, as well as preventing them from growing bored of a diet containing the same types of food.

Fissure Sealant
A fissure sealant is a natural-looking small resin filler which is used to prevent the onset of cavities after the growth of permanent back-teeth molars. They may also be utilised to limit the risk of decay in areas where the teeth are particularly fissured or grooved. Fissure sealant offers an effective level of protection against the development of potentially harmful bacteria. A fissure sealant, which can be provided at White Rose Dental Studio.It is a white protective liquid, which hardens with the application of a beam of intense blue light. The permanent fixture can remain in place for a number of years if they are cared for effectively as part of an everyday routine. The procedure has been used in dentistry for many years and is usually carried out soon after the adult teeth present themselves in the mouth – this usually takes place when a child reaches approximately six years of age. The second molar teeth, which emerge when a youngster is around 12 years old, can also be fissure sealed.

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