FIXED “train-track” braces :
FIXED “train-track” braces consist of individual brackets which are glued onto your teeth. Wires are then held into the brackets by means of elastics .This appointment takes up to 60 minutes but is painless – it is just a matter of cleaning the tooth surface with a special solution, washing and drying the teeth and then just pressing a bracket onto each individual tooth and setting the glue on the bracket with a blue light. Once the wires and elastics have been placed we are very careful to ensure that you fully understand our instructions on care and cleaning of your brace.Once a brace is fitted, your teeth start to move after a few hours. This is when they will probably start to ache and this can last from 2 days to a week or so depending on each individual. We advise your usual pain killer as necessary during this time. It

takes about a week or two to get used to how a brace feels in your mouth and it is common for some soreness to occur on the insides of your lips or cheeks – we provide special wax to put on the brace to relieve this.

REMOVABLE braces are made in our technical laboratory from the moulds that we take of your teeth This usually takes two weeks. They are fitted by carefully pushing them onto your teeth – we make sure that they fit well and are comfortable. We give you instructions on how they should be worn and cared for. This appointment takes about 20 minutes.

Please contact White Rose Dental Studio for an appointment and more information.